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Hello my little gingersnaps.  Have you been behaving yourselves this week?  Yeah me neither.  Are you ready for my Weekend Review?  If not, click off this page, because it’s happening in 3…2…1… (scroll down)



Kanye West Announces He’s Running For President in 2020 During His VMA Acceptance Speech.


Source: UsWeekly


I think my favorite part of his speech is when he said, “I’m not no politician, bro.”  I don’t know… is having a good grasp of the English language and correct grammar a requirement for running for President? If not, he’s in luck. Also, you know how much of a big deal the press always makes about the First Lady clothing style. Think about that for a moment when you realize that having Kanye for President makes Kim Kardashian the First Lady. 




Texas Coed With Suspended License Drives Barbie Jeep Instead.


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.13.27 AM

Source: HuffingtonPost

When 20 year old Tara Monroe, a student at University of Texas at Austin, got a DWI, her father took away her car keys and left her with a bike.  Tara responded by telling the media, 

Riding a bike around campus sucks,” she told the website. “Like really sucks.”

Sooo… she went on Craig’s list and bought a Barbie Jeep for $60.  Now she drives her 5 MPH (on a 12-volt battery) to/from school.  

When interviewed, she told that the decision to buy the “was the best decision I’ve made in college, yet.

From her brilliant answers and ingenuity, I can tell this girl is going places.  At 5 MPH, mind you, but still.

Product of the week

Now this is a product I totally gryffadore. Who else wants one of these??


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This totally tops the Shake Weight. Someone head over to Walgreens and pick this up.





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This is a real product.


Product Description

He’s high on himself and full of hot air. you don’t have to be a slutty porn goddess to party with this radical rock star from mars. just add air and this neurotic nut job will show you his tow and a half personalities, warlock, fangs, fire-breathing fists and adonis dna.

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Source: Amazon

WTF of the week

The New Fashion Trend In Asia… Wearing Nothing But Plastic Bags



Source: unilad

I can see this being an economic choice, but do you know how flimsy plastic bags are? Plus, if you live in Los Angeles and want to try this new fashion trend, you’re shit out of luck. Los Angeles outlawed plastic bags. That’s right… if you go to a CVS or Grocery Store, or ANY store in Los Angeles, you better bring your reusable bags or pay 10 cents per paper bag for your items.  

Because that’s the ONLY reason I’m not following this trend. 




Not sure what’s worse… that the daughter wants her parents to be proud, or the dad’s response below. 



Source: Tara’s Tramps via James Sivec

I can think of a number of people to send this book to. 

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And that’s all the time I have for you today.  Have a wackadoodle weekend and I’ll meet you back here next Saturday, same time same place.  Oh, and one more thing…



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  1. There are just SOOOO many things wrong with people. And I love seeing it pointed out here in a hilariously funny manner! And I like the plastic bag clothes because hey, apparently it’s a fashion trend for men AND women. 😁

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