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I have spent two days searching the depth of the internet my soul trying to fully grasp the meaning of life… I have questions about whether the Lord of Light is real because we need him (or her) now more than ever. At long last we know for certain that the Night‘s Watch is dark and full of terror.


We have all seen pure evil within the faces of a cesspool of traitors and thieves devoid of honor, and a kid who should go the way of Joffrey. These evil doers allegedly murdered their one true savior… a man possibly made of fire and ice… a man who swung his hair sword from side-to-side, making the act of walking on water seem like duck’s at play. With treacherous conditions, in an unforgiving climate, he maintained perfectly bouncy curls, hair so healthy it would shine from root to tip, having never once dipped into his life’s savings at the Iron Bank to achieve this signature look. Truly, it was a miracle for the ages.

hair meme

And he spoke in tongues… Don’t believe me? Ask Ygritte.


But, I digress… to return to my ruminating on matters such as life and death and, most critical, rebirth, I have realized something.

I know nothing. But I do know some things.

No, that’s a lie.


I really know nothing. Nothing but for my grief….

snow crying

I went back to The Red Wedding to soothe my pain.


When that didn’t work, I recalled Prince Oberyn becoming a watermelon.


Taking no comfort, I turned my thoughts to that time Ned lost his head in Westeros and they turned him into a cake pop.


Nothing worked. And then I realized… it’s all nothing.  Just a void within me. The state of not knowing.


But I may actually have learned something from all this.  What is dead may never die.


Too soon?

3 thoughts on “Spank’s Corner: Something from Nothing.

  1. Snow really DID know NOTHING. Couldn’t he see that coming from a mile away? RIP (for now) beautiful Jim Morrison look-alike. You WILL be back (if it goes like the books). In all truth, The Watch really did have the right to betray Snow– he was a bit of a BAD leader who got most of their brothers killed only to rise again as White Walkers all for the sake of Wildings who hated their guts and did not appreciate it anyway. Snow will just warg into a wolf or something and all is good. The he can warg his fine ass back into his human form and warg on over my way, I have A LOT to teach him. I can teach him how to breathe through his ears!<<<<<<<< dirty, filthy joke, I hate myself! lol

    On a happy note: I am happy that Gilly FINALLY gave some to Samwell Tarly. He deserved it; if they get married, her name will be "Gilly Tarly"– that shit amuses me. Gilly Tarly, sounds like a cream for a nasty STD.

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