When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door, I had two options: find a comfortable cardboard box to call home, or move in with Tucker Jameson.

Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy, I chose the latter. Which shouldn’t be that big of a deal Tucker is one of my good friends. And because he’s still pining after his ex-girlfriend and I’m trying to finish my nursing degree, there is nothing to worry about in the romance department, making my last semester an easy one to conquer.

Boy, was I wrong.

Rules are set, dinners are made, conversations are had, and a shirtless, swoony roommate walks around in nothing but a pair of black briefs, ruining me for every other man.

Before I know it, I turn into a panting, lust-filled woman begging for Tucker to kiss me, touch me, and show me exactly what is hiding under those briefs.

But with great orgasms, comes great consequences.

Tucker might be my friend and roommate but he’s also my best friend’s ex-boyfriend, making him completely off-limits. At least that’s what my brain is telling me, my heart is speaking an entirely different language.



*Big Swoony Sigh* Let me tell you about this book that has one of the most beautiful love stories and a book boyfriend who will blow almost all of your previous book boyfriends out of the water. That’s right. You want a book boyfriend you can swoon over? Tucker is your man!

Emma and Tucker grew up together in the same circle of friends. That is, until a year ago where Tucker suffered two huge blows and Emma comforted Tucker’s ex-girlfriend, her best friend Sadie, losing touch with Tucker.

Fast forward a year and Emma has only a couple of days to find a new place to stay. Tucker has a house available and offers for Emma to move in. They quickly rebuild their friendship, and they soon become best friends with a hope for even more.

Emma’s quirkiness, their little adventures, along with Tucker’s surprises, keep you swooning all along. But Tucker is broken from the events of a year ago. And even though he’s not thinking about them constantly anymore, he still hasn’t dealt with them. How can he give 100% of himself to Emma when he hasn’t dealt with his past?

Not to worry because you will never lose hope between these two as you read this book and swoon your way through, with an HEA ending. And I just bet when you finish the epilogue you will do a big swoony sigh like I just did. Again. On my second read through the book. Because as soon as I finished reading, I started that sucker over again just so I could swoony swoon my way through it. I’m going to have to start calling author Meghan Quinn, “author McSwoony McSwoonPants”. Sooooo many awesome book boyfriends in her previous books and now Tucker!!! *Big Swoony Sigh*

I give this book a full 5 stars!

I was generously provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

*If you want to read the story of what happened to Tucker’s ex-girlfriend Sadie, and her book with Andrew (which takes place chronologically before this book, it’s called Co-Wrecker.) Andrew is a pretty swoony book boyfriend as well and that’s another 5 star read from Meghan Quinn. I mean, “author McSwoony McSwoonPants”.





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