Exactly one week ago, this past Valentine’s Day weekend, I attended the Love and Fifty 2015 Author Event and Fifty Shades Movie Screening. It was a blast! My only regret was not getting to meet ALL the authors, but I did make sure to meet every author whose books I had ALREADY read and LOVED, so I could get a signed copy of each book for giveaways! (you’re welcome)

So who did I meet, and what books did I get signed for giveaways on this here blog??? (wouldn’t you like to know.) Actually that’s kind of the point of you reading this. No worries, Imma bought to tell you.

I will write my book reviews for each book when I do the giveaways.

Who should we start with first? How about Lauren Stewart?  Yes, yes, let’s start with her.

Lauren’s newest release is called Darker Water.

Lauren Stewart was awesome and let me fangirl all over her. She handed me swag, an awesome iPhone/Kindle holder (sorry I’m keeping that) as well as several temporary tattoos. (keeping those too)  If you ever get invited to FB Book Release Party that Lauren is attending, don’t miss it, because she is so much fun!

I have one signed paperback of Darker Water that I will be giving away, and an e-copy of Lauren’s Hyde Trilogy. (Think modern day Jekyll/Hyde Shifter Romance… loved this series too!)  Aren’t those covers beautiful?!

Next, let’s talk about Penny Reid, author of the Knitting in the City Series and co-author of Hooker and the Hermit (with L.H. Cosway) I had a blast getting to know Penny. (not sure whether she can say the same or if she’s filing a restraining order against me.  Only time will tell)  Thank you for taking crazy selfies with me, Penny!


I will be reviewing Hooker and the Hermit with Spank over here at The Spank and Ginger Show. We will give away a signed copy of the paperback, signed by both Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway (who lives in Ireland).

In the book Hooker and the Hermit, many different kinds of methods for taking ninja pics are mentioned.  I’m employing one of those methods at Penny’s table while Penny attempts to dodge out of the way. I got the shot!



Let’s move on to author H.J. Bellus, author of the My Way series, which so far features Cree, Tripp and Miles.


Here we are at 1am, after the screening of Fifty Shades of Grey. I sat behind her but did my best to not kick her seat at the scary parts.

I went a little CRAZY at her table, and for a reward, she gave me my own copy of Cree, signed to ME.  Really, H.J. Bellus, you shouldn’t reward the crazy. It will only get worse. (but THANK YOU!!)  I will give away the set of signed paperbacks.


Now let’s talk about author Ginger Scott.  Her real name is Ginger, but she’s not a ginger. I’m a ginger, that goes by Ginger, but my real name is not Ginger. And yes we’ve had this conversation a couple of times. In fact when she realized who I was, she jumped up and hugged me. *SQUEE*


She also said I was the best selfie taker ever. It’s true… here’s the proof. 

Interestingly she is not the only one who told me that this past weekend. I was even asked to give demonstrations and assist others in getting the right angle.  It’s all about the technique, everyone. *rubs nails on shoulder* I wonder if I can get that title on a plaque. Or maybe a button I can wear everywhere. “Best Selfie Taker Ever”.  

Oh riiiiiight… we are talking about Ginger Scott, NOT me! Ginger Scott is the author of several books, but the ones I read and fell in love with… I mean FELL IN LOVE WITH are her books, This is Falling and You and Everything After.  I LOVE THE PREETER BROTHERS!!!


I will be giving away this set of signed paperbacks of This is Falling.

Next we move on to Kimberly Knight. Why did I not get a picture with Kimberly Knight??  I DON’T KNOW!!! *sobs*

**UPDATE: I do indeed have a picture with Kimberly Knight, and she was so kind to comment on it and remind me we DID take a pic together. I can’t even blame my lack of memory on alcohol, due to the copious amounts of iced water and lack of alcohol at the event. *smacks forehead*

Here I am with Kimberly Knight!!!

She is soooooo nice and she’s recovering from surgery. Despite having some rough recovery days still, she attended and signed books. I can’t wait to post the review and giveaway of her book Tattooed Dots and The One! I love them so much!!  I will give away both of these signed paperbacks as well as an e-copy of Tattooed Dots.


Now onto author Anie Michaels. I didn’t get a picture with her either! I think by the time I found her, my friends were bugging me to get ready for the movie screening and I was running out of time. But I loved her series, Never Close Enough, Never Far Away, and Never Giving Up and wasn’t about to leave without getting them signed!  Also, I got a signed copy of Private Affairs.  I will be giving away The Never Series signed Paperbacks, along with an e-copy of Never Close Enough. I will also giveaway the signed paperback Private Affairs and an e-copy of that as well.



The last author I got signed paperbacks from was author K.C. Lynn. She was so delightful as were the women on either side of her who were VERY excited to find out which guy was my favorite out of her Men of Honor Series.  I told them which one and why he was my favorite. (I’m not saying here, you guys need to read them all!)  I also got a signed paperback of her new release Beautifully Insightful, and I got to meet the beautiful Cover Model for that book.

For the Men of Honor Series, I will giveaway the set of signed paperbacks, as well as an e-copy of the first book, Fighting Temptation.  I will also giveaway a signed paperback of Beautifully Insightful as well as an e-copy. 

That’s it for the books I got signed. I got to meet several other authors and took pictures and made notes of the books I have since purchased on my Kindle and plan to read. Why did I buy all these books and have them signed? Why am I giving away e-copies as well? It’s easy. I love to read and I love giving books away. Several years ago my husband lost his job and money was tight. A friend sent me a trilogy I had been dying to read and I will always be thankful to her. (Thank you Sophie!) So I pay it forward whenever I can, especially when I enjoy the books I read.But let’s get back to the signing… I’m not finished with it.  I attended it with friends, and as you might know, friends can get silly even when alcohol isn’t involved. (there was only ice water served during the hors d’oeuvres hour.) So when my friends triple dog dare me to do something, I will do it. I found this hilarious “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” hand sanitizer gel at a novelty shop earlier in the day and my friends dared me to hand it to a BDSM author. Which. I. Did.

He got a good laugh out of it too, so all was well and my friends learned that if they want to be seen with me after, maybe they shouldn’t dare me to do crazy things.

I also visited Author Audrey Harte‘s table, where she brought her Cover Model Tyler White for her upcoming release, Say Anything.

This looks good and I will definitely read it when it comes out.  But back to that Cover Model! I asked him if he takes pictures with readers, and he jumped up and walked toward me. Then I pulled a measuring tape out of my purse and his eyes got big. I started laughing and told him not to worry, it’s not what he thinks because I’m not one of those horny housewives.  Then I clarified that okay, I AM a horny housewife, but I’m well taken care of (Thank you Mr. G) and therefore he didn’t have to worry about me attempting to touch him inappropriately.  I just wanted to measure his appendage. Yeah, you read that right, and I did….


Tyler was an incredibly good sport about it and hugged me after. He gives good hugs! Thank you Tyler!!! Tyler’s information is:
Wait… what about the movie?!  I DID say earlier that we readers and the authors went to a screening of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  You wanna see the review I co-wrote with Spank, the platonic love of my life? I guarantee it will be the most entertaining review of Fifty Shades you will read at the exact moment you are reading it.  For that, you need to hop over to The Spank and Ginger Show for the Movie Review of Fifty Shades of Dakota’s Nipples. If you enjoy our review… sharing is caring!

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It was truly a pleasure attending this event and I want to thank all the authors for being there and getting to know the readers.  I want to especially thank them for being so cool when I got a little crazy. I tend to do that sometimes.





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