When a girl sits in rush hour traffic for two hours she has some time to think. This morning, that girl was me. I thought of a lot of things and one of those persistent thoughts centered around Ginger. Why? *points to the title* IT’S HER 29TH (ish) BIRTHDAY! What a special day indeed, and I intend to use this space to honor my best friend: Ginger!

But before we get started, here’s a fun fact for y’all. Did you know that Ginger shares her birthday with my ex-husband? You didn’t? Well, now you do AND you also have irrefutable evidence that good was created to combat evil in the world on this day.


The above is just an illustration of good vs. evil and not meant to suggest that Ginger is the son of my ex as that would make Ginger my child, and also a man, which would make me Padme, and also Ginger’s mother, which would be very awkward.


Back to my morning musings… I tried to think of some spectacular way to mark this occasion and originally thought to use the letters in Ginger’s name to create a list of all the things she loves. But there’s no P in Ginger.


I immediately ran out of ideas decided that I don’t need a silly gimmick to celebrate this woman’s life. Ginger is the living embodiment of grace and beauty, even from the start!

baby julie

Ginger also has a thirst for adventure that is unparalleled.


…and Ginger is always up for a good time, even spending an entire day at a Star Wars Convention dressed as Jabba the Hutt, seen here with a man who is not Mr. G, but a dead-on representation of Leia (who is not, I repeat, is not my daughter!).

Julie the Hutt

Seriously though, I am just truly grateful that Ginger is the platonic love of my life. Ginger is truly one of the best human beings I know and she is my forever best friend. This lady is effortlessly funny and kind, thoughtful and honest. I can trust Ginger with my life, and I have. She raised me up, so I could stand on mountains… *clears my throat* I mean, she’s really cool and sh*t:

Spank and Ginger

Declarations of love and respect are great but don’t you agree that this post needs something more? Wait! I know what it needs!

cat toast

What better way to tell my best friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY than by traveling around the world to gather toasts from some of Ginger’s favorite celebrities. I am thrilled to share that all whom I approached were very kind to provide such heartfelt wishes on such short notice. So without further ado, raise your glass in honor of the one, the only…. GINGER!

julie today

Nathan Fillion:


The Ahnold:

arnold birthday

Spike and Buffy:

spike birthday


*** Given Ginger’s ample bosom, I would not recommend taking Buffy’s birthday advice. ***

…and summoned from the other side, Bob Ross:


I can’t top that birthday toast, but trust that Spank is raising a glass in honor of Ginger…


…and I hope you do the same.  Or, if you frown upon drinking on a Wednesday morning, please wish Ginger the best day ever in the comment section.



**not Padme

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ginger!

  1. I hope I got to this on FB (yesterday was a 12 hour work day for me, so I can’t be entirely sure), but regardless, I hope your day was as amazing as you! I will raise some glasses in your honor this weekend 🙂

  2. OMG!!! This is the most awesome birthday post ever. Thank you be BFF for life. I love you. Always!!!

  3. I’ve already done this on Facebook and Twitter but I’ll gladly add my birthday wishes here. Happy Birthday Ginger! I hope you have a most purple-iscious day!!

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