This past Saturday I dragged my friend Jamie with me to attend the Authors Under The Lights 2015 event at Universal City in Los Angeles which was held at the Hilton Universal City.  Knowing my newfound penchant for measuring cover models, Jamie read the rules for the event and sent me this excerpt, alerting me to rules #5 and #6 which says we are unable to ask models to remove clothing and not allowed to touch them unless they give us permission. Psshaw. Rules are so boring.


I had no intention to give up my plan to measure the models, so I brought along my trusty measuring tape. Guess who we saw first? If you guessed “Tyler”, you are correct! He immediately came over to hug me and we discussed which part of him I would measure this time. I went for shoulder to shoulder.


Tyler White is the cover model for Author Audrey Harte‘s latest book, Say Anything, which will release at the end of this month. In fact, the author gave me permission to post the book cover, which has not yet been posted online, until NOW. Thank you Audrey!! Can’t WAIT to read this! Here is the big cover reveal….


Cover Model Tyler White is an actor/model who was a former Harlem Globetrotter and Washington Generals player.

Tyler White’s Info:






NEXT, we moved on to Cover Model David Santa Lucia, who is on the cover of SIX of Author Kimberly Knight‘s books in her B&S series.


4 5 6

Since he was just one table over, I asked Tyler if he would please tell David that I’m not some crazy chick before I ask to measure him. (even though I’m totally a crazy chick) Tyler laughed and said, “No! I want to see what he says when you ask him.” Thanks Tyler.  So I introduced myself to David, and asked if I could measure him. He quickly answered in the affirmative and said I could measure ANYTHING, asking if we needed to find a private room to do this. O_o.  I quickly told him we didn’t need a private room and that I wanted to measure something totally random, that was not sexual and wouldn’t play up how muscular he is. And let me tell you, this guy is HUGE. I’m talking about his muscles, people. Get your heads out of the gutter! I decided to measure David’s waist.


David lives in New York, and I got to know him better at the After Party. He is incredibly nice and refreshingly down to earth. Not only is David a Cover and Fitness Model, he’s also a NPC Physique Competitor and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Impressive!

David Santa Lucia’s info:




Another Cover Model I measured goes by the name “Savage Trainer” as he is the personal trainer to Author Shay Savage, and has graced the cover of a few of her books, including Bastian’s Storm, the sequel to her highly popular book Surviving Raine, as well as the Evan Arden Series, Offside, and Transcendence.


I gave Savage Trainer his choice of a random, non-sexual body part for me to measure and he chose the length of his ear. Not only that, he wanted me to tell him the measurement as he said he was always curious about the length of his ears. Turns out his left ear is just under 2 inches long.


Savage Trainer was incredibly nice, and describes himself as a “Full time personal trainer, part time model, and always a gentleman.” He certainly was the most formally dressed out of the cover models there. He’s a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Cincinnati, OH.

Savage Trainer’s info:



Last, but certainly not least, we went to Author Lisa Survillas‘ table, where we saw her cover model Zack Tapp, who posed for her books Project Lexi and Loving Lexi. (a series I’m reading right now!)



When I explained my measuring gig to Zack, he asked me if he should take his shirt off. I told him I wasn’t allowed to ask him to do that (thanks to Jamie alerting me to the rules), but the author stepped in and said that SHE was allowed to ask him to take his shirt off.  Zack then removed his shirt and I measured his femur bone. Because, why not?


Zack Tapp’s info:



But here’s where things got interesting. As I was getting Zack’s social media information and explaining that I would post his picture, I was trying to make sure he’d know who I was. I intended to explain that in my Instagram picture, I’m the girl with the red hair and purple tips. (since the lighting wasn’t ideal and I was wearing black, where it was hard to see the purple in my hair)  However, instead of telling him I’m the girl with red hair and purple tips, I actually said I’m the girl with red hair and purple TITS.  I had one of those moments where I replayed the words in my head and thought to myself, “Did I just say tits instead of tips?” Why yes, yes I did.  I then admitted my verbal tit slip to Zack and told him what I meant to say. I was a bit mortified but we all had a good laugh about it. Red faced and exhausted from laughing, I thought that was the end of it.  I was so very, very wrong.

A few hours later Jamie and I were outside the hotel and from across the parking lot I hear, “HEY, PURPLE TITS!!!“. I looked and saw model Zack Tapp, and sure enough he had decided to nickname me. I walked over to him where he was standing with the female cover model Krissy Travis and Author Lisa Survillas. We briefly discussed each other’s afternoon plans and agreed to meet up at the After Party that evening.

Later that night Jamie and I went to the After Party, where we hung out with several authors and cover models. By then, news of my new nickname “Purple Tits” had spread. I ended up wearing a purple shirt to the party, deciding to just go with it. Might as well embrace it!  Jamie and I had a fabulous time getting to know everyone better.

11071139_376123822559027_3329209704776099665_n 10930196_376098992561510_278099924238947703_n

When the party ended and we were leaving, cover model Savage Trainer yelled out, “Hey Purple Tits, I followed you back on Twitter!“. Awesome. Now all the cover models had embraced my new nickname.

I posted the pictures and wrote of my verbal tit slip and ensuing nickname on Facebook, detailing my weekend to my friends. And they went wild with it. Before long, there were talks of T-shirts and merchandising, including candy. Purple Titsiepop anyone? One Facebook friend even said they were able to find my Instagram account through the hashtag “#purpletits”.  When you have your own hashtag, that’s when you know your nickname is here to stay. I guess I need to make a Press Pass that says “Purple Tits” for the next Book Signing I attend in May.

Even my husband has embraced my new nickname. Yesterday I got this text from him.


In short, Jamie and I had a blast at the Authors Under the Lights 2015 Book Signing and I came away with more than autographed books and posters for future giveaways.  Oh yes, I will be doing several book giveaways, including signed model pictures/posters here soon!  Special thanks to Jamie Grumet, for being my personal picture taker while I measured the cover models.  Who knew book signings could be so stimulating?

Your faithful reporter,

-Purple Tits


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