Ginger:  “Hey Spank, I know we have our own blogs, but what do you think about resurrecting ‘The Spank and Ginger Show’ Blog where we can do reviews of books and giveaways?”
Spank: “I dunno, G…. Are you sure we’re not too busy neglecting our other blogs?”
Ginger: “Sure! We are older and wiser now. We can review only the books we want to, WHEN we feel like it and never promise our readers a posting schedule.”
Spank: “Well, I’m definitely older…”
Ginger: *gigglesnort*  “We should write a book. The Slacker’s Guide to Blogging.”
Spank: “I will add that to my list of things I will never, ever do.”
Ginger: “hahahahaha.  So is that a yes?”
Spank: “I have issues with commitment.  But as you are the platonic love of my life: I do.  Yes.  Yes, I will blog with you!”
Ginger: “Yay!  Wow… that’s quite a declaration (even though I already knew that… ditto for me by the way).  Should we have a ceremony? Get rings or something? Burn some incense maybe?”
Spank: “Let’s hire a skywriter to stream across the sky: Spank and Ginger: Still a better love story than Twilight.”
Ginger: “OMG… laughing so hard… can’t breathe….  *takes moment to stop laughing and calm down*
Well we’re betters writers, that’s for sure.”
Spank: “Even when we don’t write, we are better.  So…. books reviews and giveaways. Let’s do it.  Anything else we should enlighten the internet with?”
Ginger: “How about conversations about random things? Like our future (never going to really happen) plans to co-breed illegal hedgehogs?”
Spank: “YES!  And we can further probe your issue with the no-no hole.”
Ginger: “I think my mom gave me too many suppositories as a child.”
Spank: *throws down the mic* I got nothing.
Ginger: “Yeah, she was evil.  Is that even normal? Does every kid get a ton of suppositories like I did?”
Spank: “Sounds like an erotica novel in the making.”
Ginger: “Not with your mother!”

Ginger: “Can we move on to another topic? I’m about to crawl into the fetal position and barricade my no-no hole.  You know by the way I’m totally going to rate books on whether or not they have love scenes with the no-no hole.”

Spank: “Thumbs up or thumbs down.  Or maybe dirty thumb or clean thumb?”
Ginger: *facepalm*

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**Coming Next Week**  “The Story and Origin of Spank and Ginger”

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