(originally published at Gingersnaps in the Morning)
The No-No Hole
Ginger: This is my term for your butt hole and is self-explanatory regarding my my feeling about it.
Spank: “No, go ahead and explain it.  Tell us how you really feel.”
Ginger: “I feel like there is only one use for the no-no hole.  It’s a one-way street, one direction only.”
Spank: “So It’s okay if it’s Harry Styles?”

Ginger:” I have no idea who that is, but that doesn’t change my mind about the no-no hole.  I mean, there is nothing worse than reading a good book with a steamy love scene, where all the sudden someone sticks their finger up the other person’s no-no hole.  Kills the mood, and makes me want to throw my Kindle.”

Spank: “What if it’s not a finger?”

Ginger: *pauses to avoid gagging*  “That’s even worse.  Owwww.  I call it a no-no hole for a reason.  No back door passes for me.  Nuh uh.  No way.  Not gonna happen.”

Spank: “There are some men that get a free pass.”

Ginger: “I’m not even gonna ask.  No seriously, if you’re reading a steamy love scene and someone sticks their finger up the no-no hole, that doesn’t affect you one bit?”

Spank: “Oh it affects me.”

Ginger: O_o  “Okay, I was reading this one story.  During the love scene the guy stuck his finger up the girl’s no-no hole and after they were done, they fell asleep.  Did the guy wash and disinfect his finger before falling asleep??? Does he know there is e.coli on his finger?”

Spank: “Did you ever think it’s finger-licking good?”

Ginger: *ignores that question*  “I mean, he could give himself (or her) pink eye if he didn’t disinfect his finger after!!

Spank: “PINK EYE!!!  hahahahaha.  That’s what you’re concerned about?!”

Ginger: “That’s just one of MANY concerns about business with the no-no hole”.

Spank: “Good sex is supposed to be dirty.”

Ginger: ” *sigh* Well if someone insists on getting “dirty” with the no-no hole, the least they can do is wear Shittens.

Spank: “What the Hell are Shittens?”

Ginger: “They’re disposable wipes in the shape of mittens, for keeping your hands sanitary while dealing with poo.

They even wrote a song about it.”


Spank: “Now I’ve seen everything.”

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