SpankGingerGinger, one half of the Spank and Ginger Show, has been blogging since 2006, the same year she met her best friend Spank, also a blogger. Formerly a Recreational Therapist who studied at Florida State University, Ginger now homeschools her children, both biological and adopted, to maximize time with her husband due to his unpredictable hours working in the entertainment industry. She currently authors/co-authors multiple blogs and has been reviewing products since 2006, writing about products, adoption, family, humor, books and entertainment.

She is obsessed with Star Wars, all things Joss Whedon, specifically Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Nathan Fillion… as well as Marvel Superheroes, though she has been known to dabble in DC Superheroes if they dress in tight green leather or run very very fast. It’s safe to say anything Ginger likes, she obsesses about, whether it be Schwarzenegger movies, Kung Fu movies, or Purple. She takes these obsessions very seriously and her kids know not to touch her action figures or mess with life-size Cardboard Buffy, who resides in the living room. But most people don’t notice these things because they can’t get past the fact that Ginger lives in a purple house with glitter stucco, and currently has 7 cats.

Ginger is an avid reader, averaging one book every 1-2 days and is an Amazon and Goodreads reviewer. Authors seek her out frequently to send her books and ARCs (Advanced Release Copies) in exchange for an honest review. She also attends many book signings and loves to do book giveaways. Ginger lives in Los Angeles with her husband “Mr. G” and children and attempts to find humor in nearly every situation. In fact Ginger thrives on the ridiculous things in life, be it pictures, videos, articles and FAILs, which she is able to share through The Spank and Ginger website and Facebook Page.

Spank is the other (not so better) half of the Spank and Ginger Show and began blogging in 2005. By day Spank is a paralegal and by night she is, well… let’s just keep THAT part of her a mystery.  When not fighting injustice in the world, Spank is called Mom by two awesomely crazy, fun and spirited children.  When not going by “Mom,” Spank enjoys spending time with her boyfriend “Mr. S” with whom she shares a passion for both home brewing and drinking tasty beer, attending concerts and outdoor festivals, and they also venture off on his motorcycle for weekend getaways that often include brewery tours (sensing a theme, are you?).

Spank is the author, co-author or guest-author for multiple blogs and has been reviewing the good, bad and ugly facets of pop-culture, usually with humor and a healthy dose of snark, for longer than you can remember.  Spank is also a rabid reader, lover of just about everything having to do with superheroes, listener of music that doesn’t suck, and watcher of quality television programming about zombie apocalypses, songs of fire and ice, inhumans, speedsters, young Master Bruce and the birth of vengeance, and vigilantes who wear green, among others (yet Spank claims she ditched cable as she doesn’t watch TV). While Spank currently resides in the Atlanta area, she wishes to note that she’s a Sicilian from Brooklyn.  Spank enjoys speaking in the third person wherever possible.  She can be found at The Spank and Ginger website and Facebook Page.